A Connecticut Yankee (1931)
Runtime:95 minutes
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Rating:6.7/10  6.7/10
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User Comments: Sir Rogers de Claremore
20 July 2000 | by (Transylvania) – See all my reviews

I love Will Rogers. Living in Oklahoma near Claremore, his home town. . .I know just how to appreciate him. I've been to his museum/memorial many times. It's so sad to me that he couldn't have made MORE talkies. Silent picture are SO hard to watch! But A Connecticut Yankee is one of his best talkies. . . the jokes are still funny and relivent today. Who would have thought of Will Rogers as Mark Twain's American Yankee? This movie is timeless! I couldn't love it more. Having been to his museum, I've seen his costume for this film. It kind of made me realize that Will Rogers was a real person, and there was something of his that I get get close to. . . something he'd worn. It made this movie more interesting to me. Of course, not everyone can go see his costume. But at least you can watch this film, and remember one of the greatest Americans who ever lived. This movie is a must see for any Oklahoman, Will Rogers lover, or anyone who likes a good joke!