"Agatha Christie's Marple" A Caribbean Mystery (2013)
Runtime:89 minutes
Rating:7.3/10  7.3/10
Genre:Most Popular by Genre
All Genres:Most Popular by Genre, Crime, Drama
Plot Outline:While holidaying on the Caribbean island of St. Honoré, Miss Marple is drawn into a case of intrigue and black magic when a garrulous old major who bragged of owning a photograph of a known murderer dies under mysterious circumstances.
User Comments: Enjoyably lively
31 July 2013 | by (United Kingdom) – See all my reviews

It wasn't too long ago that I watched the Joan Hickson version of this same tale and, while I enjoyed the color of it, I did feel that that version dawdled a bit too much and lacked forward motion, lingering in the characters and losing momentum the more it went on. So with the new ITV version I was pleased to find that the thing I usually dislike about them actually worked in its favor – the color, the liveliness and the pace. The mystery kicks in very quickly indeed and apart from a few sidesteps it more or less keeps things coming so that I felt engaged with the story. As is normal for me, I wasn't right there with the characters when the resolution was revealed, but I did feel like I was at least going with it.

The one exception is an odd moment where James Bond and Ian Fleming make it into the story; it is amusing perhaps but it served no purpose other than, if you're cynical, getting the writer a trip to the location for the sake of a few minutes of screen time. Higson probably deserved it though as he has done a good job as writer, making the story flow and having the material match the heat and color of the setting. The cast mostly get this too. McKenzie is still not really someone I like as Marple, but she is good here and in particular works very well with Antony Sher. The rest of the cast isn't quite that famous but has good turns from Webb, Brown, Wakefield and others.

Overall an enjoyable and lively piece of Sunday night mystery; it has color and energy and comes together pretty well.