Best Possible Taste: The Kenny Everett Story (2012)
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Runtime:90 minutes
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Rating:7.1/10  7.1/10
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All Genres:Most Popular by Genre, Drama
Plot Outline:Schoolboy Maurice Cole,growing up in 1960s Liverpool,is picked on for being effeminate but is already making his own comedy tapes,one of which impresses agent Wilfred De'ath through whom he... See full summary »
User Comments: Disjointed confused amateur
2 July 2013 | by See all my reviews

Disjointed & confused attempting stylised flashiness for a flashback format to a 24 year old in shorts playing an overgrown schoolboy, it was neither stylish or flashy and came over as very amateur, even with the budget. The Main performance was unbalanced, zipping from confident campiness to painfully acted shy introversion at each scene change. There was no depth, no structure and confusion producing only boredom while watching. The trouble was there was no inspiration only a mechanical faux stylised telling, which fell flat on its silly face. The woman was OK, the saving grace the actor playing Richard Attenborough. As for the Freddie scenes they were unreal and quite devoid of anything worth commenting on, APART FROM THE ACCENT WHICH SOUNDED LIKE A SACHA BARON COHEN IMPERSONATION. (ED. Complete with a beer belly no less!! how awful!! how terrible!) They attempted a Deniss Potter style but it ended up Harry Potter and no sight of a convincing Rotter.